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Traveling with my baby

So we’re going to travel back to the states soon, I’m excited but not. I’m ready to go back home for a bit and have everyone meet our little man but I’m not excited to fly with Jack. Let’s be honest, flying with a baby sounds dreadful. We’ll get through it but my baby boy loves to move and he definitely likes his space when he doesn’t want mom or dad.  So hopefully I won’t be that parent with a crying baby but we shall see. Regardless we’re going home and everyone gets to meet Jack so I’m super excited and I can’t wait to go home. We have so many people to see with such little time and we are getting Jack baptized which is amazing. Pictures to come that day. If you guys have any suggestions with how to survive a plane flight with a 9 month old, they are more than welcome and very appreciated.


Parent Exhaustion

When you have kids they don’t tell you how exhausting it is. Lies, they do just not to the extent it really is. I give huge props out there to all you single moms and dads doing it by yourself. I don’t know how you do. I mean when you have kids you know there aren’t anymore days of sleeping in or really late nights going out, because you know your kid is going to be up at 6-7 in the morning. I love my baby boy but I swear I get like 12 hours of sleep in a week sometimes. With all the lack of sleep though they don’t tell you how rewarding it is. Even though you’re getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning, you’re waking up to this little person who is beyond excited to see you everyday. They want you there so you two can play and eat together. They want to try and do everything you do. They love you unconditionally. They want you around all the time, if not to cuddle with then at least to be in eye sight. I love my baby boy and when I’m getting up at 2 am to feed him, I smile because even though me and him are both tired he still smiles at me. So yes being a parent single or not can be exhausting but the rewards are well worth every last bit of it.


Baby fever

So I love my job. I love babies, but I can’t seem to get over my baby fever. You would think that working with babies and having an eight month almost nine month old I’d stop having it. Nope, I honestly think it makes it worse. I just want all the babies. I would probably have like 10 kids if I could. I want 3-4 kids minimum. We get so many small and chunky babies I go insane. They are so freaking cute, I just don’t know what to do. Maybe once I have more kids but even then I don’t know. I just love the fact that I get to bring a little life into this world and then take care of it. I don’t really want my baby fever to go away though either. I love the feeling of wanting more kids. My husband gets baby fever too, not as often as I do though. Which I love because you never hear of guys getting baby fever. So the fact that I married someone who wants kids just as bad as I do is just awesome, were both on the same page for the family life. We both love kids. He also wants just as many if not more than I do, which I love. When first started talking about kids he wanted like 12, his favorite movie was  Cheaper by the Dozen. Kids are fun and honestly they teach you just as much as you teach them. I love watching them grow and learn. I love seeing how they react to new things. I love to see how much love they have for the people around them that we don’t because we grew up and know what the real world is like. I love how innocent they can be and how much they love to just explore. Babies and kids are the best, at least to me. I have baby fever bad and working in a postpartum ward makes the struggle real. 🙂





My Husband

So I’ve been trying to think of things write so I can post more often, once a day or once every other day. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought. But as I’m sitting here thinking I’m listening to one of my husband’s videos and in his video he mentioned how he would want a pumpkin spice latte if he was in the situation on the game. I swear my husband is one of the biggest white girls I know, haha. As soon as pumpkin spice lattes are available he has to go get one. I think if he could he would buy a pair of UGG boots. But back to what I was saying I’m sitting here watching my husband’s video. Now he my not like that I’m doing this and I might just be biased guys, but I think his videos are pretty good. He just started being consistent with them a couple of months ago and he just switched them up a bit but I enjoy watching them. So if you’re in to games like tomb raider, resident evil, and the last of us, you might enjoy them too. 🙂 Comments and constructive critiques are always welcome.

My Boys :)

Can I just start by saying how much I love watching my husband interact with our son. I swear it makes me fall in love with him all over again every time. I love how they both love being around each other. I love that I can see how much Tim loves him and not just saying it. He shows acts of love for Jackson and you can see in his eyes how much he loves him. the bond between Tim and Jackson is indescribable they are so much alike. Seeing them together makes me happy and I love watching them interact. There are times when Jackson just wakes up and Tim comes down the stairs and Jackson just had his head laid on Tim’s shoulder. I swear it melts my heart. The love I have for the two of them has no words. 🙂


When I try driving…

So the other day My husband, son and I were in the car. I was driving. I realized that Jackson had taken everything out of my phone case; ID, license, debit card, everything. So I had to turn around. I pulled into a little road on the side and attempted to do a three point turn. The road I had pulled into was a rocky road. The rocks closer to the side of the road happened to be bigger than the ones in the middle, and the grass next to the road happened to be lower than the rocks… a lot lower. As I think of this now it’s like a face-palm moment. Anyway, pulling forward and to the left was no problem it was pull back out of the grass and to the right. As I backed up you heard the rocks scrap the bottom of the car. It sounded terrible so I just decided to back up straight instead. My husband not two seconds later told me to stop because he smelled something so, I stopped turned the car off and we both got out to look at the front. As we bent down to look under the car you could see the coolant not just leak out but pour out of the bottom. It was a Sunday so everything was closed and I had to work the next day. The next day we call to have the car towed and taken to the shop. All in all, I really messed up the car, busted radiator and bent condenser. This is what happens when I try to drive. :/


Nightmares. A word we all know a little more than we’d like. I have yet to meet someone who enjoys having nightmares. My baby boy has them constantly and it breaks my heart. He’ll be sound asleep and all of a sudden start crying and sometimes screaming. I hate knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do for him. I’ve always wondered what babies could possibly be having nightmares of. They are still so young and innocent, what could their mind have possibly come up with that could scare them in their sleep so bad? :/ With as much as I hate the nightmares, I love the after math of my baby wanting mommy. When he wants mommy after nightmares that means cuddles for me 🙂 Then when he is being held after a night mare I love knowing that I’m helping because he’ll laugh about whatever he is dreaming of then. I love that just by holding him I help him feel better even while he sleeps. He’s content, comforted and feels safe in my arms. At the end of the day that makes me feel better and helps me know I’m a good momimg_3148