A job that turned into a passion.

I like to write, sing, and spend time with my family. I’ve always wanted to write something fiction but I don’t think that’s for me. I never get very far. I do love my job for the most part though. Every job has it ups and downs, but I work with babies and moms. I’m a medic in the Air Force. I love working with the babies. Nothing makes me happier then seeing the little smiles and brand new faces of the newborns. They may not be very talkative but they are the cutest things. Best to cuddle with too. The moms, I love working with the moms too. I love being able to be apart of such a new beginning for them, such an important part of their life too. I love being able to help teach them new things they either forget or have never done. I got super lucky to get the job I did. In the Air Force as a medic you can be put anywhere in the hospital. Now, before I got in my main goal has always been babies and/or pediatrics. I got put right where all of it starts, newborn babies, and I love it. You could be having a bad day and just looking at the new faces will put a smile on your face. I feel like you should always like your job. there’s no point in going to a place you don’t enjoy. I love the people I work with as well. In the military so often people come and go, you meet so many people who wind up becoming some pretty good friends. The people I work with make the job even more fun/better than it already is.


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