My ‘love story’

My husband and I have definitely had our fair share of problems. We also have had, I think, some of the best ‘practice’ to get through it all. We met in tech/A-school May 2nd, 2015, both straight out of boot camp. He was Navy and I was Air Force. Everyone tells you when you go in not to start a relationship in tech school. I don’t listen very well apparently but hey I got a husband and son out of it. đŸ™‚ We were in Texas for about 4 months total. We were that couple that was together constantly. We had the same training in the same class, would be together hanging out afterwards, we were together most weekends as well. We moved a little fast in the beginning, We met in May, started dating and got engaged in June. Then in July I had to head to Virginia for my second half of training. I was there for about 2 months, we would Face Time almost every night. Then I ended going to Germany in October. That following February we were suppose to take leave and get married but not everything works out the way you want it. We were engaged for ten months. I only got 24 days of leave, we had my family and his family to visit meet and get married. We got married May 2015. In between all that time separated we had our fair share of fights. I was in a foreign country, made new friends, would go out all the time. He was back in the states not knowing any of the people I was with, so in turn not trusting the people I was with, understandably. We fought but, we got through it. We were separated for 10 months, which is awhile when you’ve been with someone almost everyday from the day you’ve met them.  Once we finally got married I of course had to come back to Germany, we did a lot better. We had way better communication. About a month after I got back from leave we found out I was pregnant and a month after that he came to be with me. Now, he’s here with me and Jackson. We don’t argue all that much. I mean we have our disagreements but who doesn’t. We have pretty good communication, I like to think. In turn, we never have to wonder when or where the other is at. Being married means you’re two body’s become one, not many people look at marriage that way. You’re not being ‘tied down’, you get to experience the rest of your life with your best friend, soul mate, the one you want to share everything with. That’s what marriage is. Two becoming one, and we do a pretty good job at it.




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