Nightmares. A word we all know a little more than we’d like. I have yet to meet someone who enjoys having nightmares. My baby boy has them constantly and it breaks my heart. He’ll be sound asleep and all of a sudden start crying and sometimes screaming. I hate knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do for him. I’ve always wondered what babies could possibly be having nightmares of. They are still so young and innocent, what could their mind have possibly come up with that could scare them in their sleep so bad? :/ With as much as I hate the nightmares, I love the after math of my baby wanting mommy. When he wants mommy after nightmares that means cuddles for me 🙂 Then when he is being held after a night mare I love knowing that I’m helping because he’ll laugh about whatever he is dreaming of then. I love that just by holding him I help him feel better even while he sleeps. He’s content, comforted and feels safe in my arms. At the end of the day that makes me feel better and helps me know I’m a good momimg_3148


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