When I try driving…

So the other day My husband, son and I were in the car. I was driving. I realized that Jackson had taken everything out of my phone case; ID, license, debit card, everything. So I had to turn around. I pulled into a little road on the side and attempted to do a three point turn. The road I had pulled into was a rocky road. The rocks closer to the side of the road happened to be bigger than the ones in the middle, and the grass next to the road happened to be lower than the rocks… a lot lower. As I think of this now it’s like a face-palm moment. Anyway, pulling forward and to the left was no problem it was pull back out of the grass and to the right. As I backed up you heard the rocks scrap the bottom of the car. It sounded terrible so I just decided to back up straight instead. My husband not two seconds later told me to stop because he smelled something so, I stopped turned the car off and we both got out to look at the front. As we bent down to look under the car you could see the coolant not just leak out but pour out of the bottom. It was a Sunday so everything was closed and I had to work the next day. The next day we call to have the car towed and taken to the shop. All in all, I really messed up the car, busted radiator and bent condenser. This is what happens when I try to drive. :/


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