Parent Exhaustion

When you have kids they don’t tell you how exhausting it is. Lies, they do just not to the extent it really is. I give huge props out there to all you single moms and dads doing it by yourself. I don’t know how you do. I mean when you have kids you know there aren’t anymore days of sleeping in or really late nights going out, because you know your kid is going to be up at 6-7 in the morning. I love my baby boy but I swear I get like 12 hours of sleep in a week sometimes. With all the lack of sleep though they don’t tell you how rewarding it is. Even though you’re getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning, you’re waking up to this little person who is beyond excited to see you everyday. They want you there so you two can play and eat together. They want to try and do everything you do. They love you unconditionally. They want you around all the time, if not to cuddle with then at least to be in eye sight. I love my baby boy and when I’m getting up at 2 am to feed him, I smile because even though me and him are both tired he still smiles at me. So yes being a parent single or not can be exhausting but the rewards are well worth every last bit of it.



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