Family First

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve posted something. My family and I were traveling back to the states. It’s been a year and a half since we’ve been home and nobody in our family has met the little one. Let me tell you though I missed home so much. My brothers finally got to meet my son and the youngest loves him so much. My youngest brother is like me when I was around him when he was first born. He wants to love him and hold him all day long. Being home after a year and a half makes you appreciate your time with your family more than if you were there everyday. You know most people today are so hung up on technology, wanting what everyone else wants and wondering what everyone else is doing, they lose sight of what really matters; family. Family is going to be that one thing that’s always going to be there, no matter how annoying they may be, no matter how bad their decisions may be, they will always be there. While on vacation I will continue to post but there may be longer periods in between than usual. Love your family, take time for them and yourself and make sure you make every minute count. img_3737


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