Unconditional love 

Children make you realize how much you can truly love another human being. When you let someone else take care of your baby, seeing them walk away with your tiny human kinda makes you sad. Yes all parents deserve breaks here and there but once you get that break it’s like you don’t know what to do because everything you do revolves around that child. I love being around my baby. My husband and I were going out to dinner and my mom came to grab him and as she was walking away I missed him already. We still had some of his toys lying there and looking at them was just kinda sad. I love being able to hear his laugh even his cry, because I know he’s near me and I can pick him up, cuddle and hug him when I want. My baby boy is my life. Even when we need breaks I still want to know he’s still there with in arms reach. I love when he gets excited and just pulls me toward him and smiles. The love between a parent and their child is unconditional and amazing.


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