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Time to get Serious.

The time is now. I have to start getting serious guys. I want to try and test for my LPN but I have to study and I’m dreading it. I hate studying. I hate having to sit there for hours and reread the same thing over because I don’t get it. I already have my book and I started reading it but its words and words, pages upon pages. I went on quizlet to start making note cards for myself but I’m not sure that’s the best way. I have suggestions out the wazoo guys. Of course all are, “Hey, you should look at this book.” That costs more money and that’s even more material to read. They have certain books for these tests and I feel like everyone suggests everything but that book. What’s the point of these ‘best’ books if others are suggested? So, if any of you fine people have study tips that worked for you I’m still trying to find my way to study. Suggestions are welcome. πŸ™‚


The First of Many

My baby’s first Christmas guys! I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. I feel like I just had him. Although he’s not quite to the age where he gets super excited to open presents, I love seeing that he loves what he has gotten and how he tries to tear the paper. I was supposed to work a 12 hour shift today, which I wasn’t excited about but someone’s gotta do it. I got to work I was there for about an hour and then they let me go home. I’m truly blessed. I work with great people and God has his way of working. Let me tell you I was super excited to come home and be able to be with my husband and son I almost wanted to cry. I didn’t want to miss my babies first Christmas. Yes, he’s ten months probably won’t ever remember but I will. I’m just happy I got to be here. I hope every has an awesome day and don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas. Be grateful for what you have and love your family unconditionally. Merry Christmas guys!


Work to Home.

Guys I work 12 hour shifts. I come home and hang out with my hubby and my baby boy, as I do every time I work and come home. Tonight I did the same thing, but now I’m just sitting here writing this blog. My husband on his PS4 and I can not tell you how relaxed I am. Usually I get off work come home, hang out and go to bed. Tonight I felt like doing things a bit different. So I’m sitting here writing, looking at my young living things and hanging out with my husband. This is so nice. We don’t usually get a lot of us time, even if were doing our own thing together. Jack is finally starting to get back on Germany time, only took about a month. He’s sleeping much better at night, although with him trying to walk his brain is running all the time so last night he didn’t sleep very well. My poor baby, always awake trying to learn everything. Even though I decided to come home and hang out a bit longer than usual, I’m still tired. Again, I can’t even begin to explain how nice it is and be able to do something adult like instead of going to straight to bed. I’m sure all parents know the feeling πŸ™‚

Growing Up

I love watching my little man grow up, but I hate it at the same time. He’s already half the size of me and he weighs 30 pounds already. He’s the happiest baby unless something is wrong. He is trying to walk and it’s so fun, but it kills me. He’s growing up so fast. He’s taken a few steps by himself and he’s super fast. Although when we try to get him to do it himself he just sits. He’ll definitely be walking before his first birthday, which can I say is only a month and a half away 😩 my baby is getting so big so fast!Β 


Me Time

So a couple nights ago my husband and my son went to bed super early. At first I didn’t know what to do with myself so I face timed the parents. I talked to them for about 2 or so hours, caught up on everything since we left. I got off and decided to take a shower. It was so nice! I got to take a decently long shower. I even got to shave my legs! I didn’t have to worry about them because they were knocked out asleep. I had made my self dinner, was able to FaceTime, and take a shower! I was super excited about it. Haha. Anyone with kids knows that feeling of being able to do something and not have to worry about keeping an eye on them. Then of course I went to bed and I couldn’t have been happier to be with them both. I got a little bit of me time, it was really nice, but I always miss my boys. πŸ™‚

Here we go again

So while I was gone, if you read one of my more recent posts, you saw that I said something about Essential Oils. I did it again folks I stepped a little further out of my comfort zone and bought a Young Living oil kit. I’ll definitely make a separate page for you guys in case that’s not your thing. I’ll post on both pages. I just wanted to throw it out there though and tell you guys a little about it because I’m just super excited and learning more on how to actually use them. When I first got it I had like no clue what was what, I just knew that most of it smelled good. Did you know you could take pills with oils in it and they have oils you can cook with? Like what?! I was super excited when I got my kit while on vacation. They have oils that you can out in your water so it tastes better, something I will definitely be using so I’ll actually drink more water. They also have this natural drink, it’s got a bit of a bite to it but it’s not too bad. They also have like a diffuser that can go into a USB drive, which is what kinda caught my attention. They just have so much and I’m super excited. I wont talk your ear off too much. I’ll make a page so if you want to know more or buy you’ll be able to get the info. Thanks for dealing with my excitement guys!! πŸ™‚

Photo- Premium Starter Kit with a Dewdrop Diffuser

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So we’re getting back into the swing of things. I am back at work and it’s almost like we never left. Then, you have the fact that Jack is still on west coast time and the weather is in the 20’s. I don’t remember it being this cold last year. Either way, it’s super hard to keep a hat on a ten month old who hates them and knows how to pull them off. Trying to keep him warm after coming from 70 degree weather I think will be the most challenging thing for my husband and I this winter. Jack hates clothes to start with so trying to bundle him up at all is going to be interesting. Although it is getting a little easier once he realizes it’s cold outside he doesn’t protest as much with the jackets and Β hats. He does look super cute with his little red nose though. I hate that he is cold but seeing those rosy red cheeks and that little red nose is super cute on him. Cold weather sucks but we all have our different ways of getting our kiddos to dress warm. Making Jack realize it’s cold unfortunately we have to take him outside first then put his hat on, which I don’t like but hey it works. If any parents have any other suggestions or way they get their kids to keep on their jackets and hats, throw them at me. Thanks for reading guys!