So we’re getting back into the swing of things. I am back at work and it’s almost like we never left. Then, you have the fact that Jack is still on west coast time and the weather is in the 20’s. I don’t remember it being this cold last year. Either way, it’s super hard to keep a hat on a ten month old who hates them and knows how to pull them off. Trying to keep him warm after coming from 70 degree weather I think will be the most challenging thing for my husband and I this winter. Jack hates clothes to start with so trying to bundle him up at all is going to be interesting. Although it is getting a little easier once he realizes it’s cold outside he doesn’t protest as much with the jackets and  hats. He does look super cute with his little red nose though. I hate that he is cold but seeing those rosy red cheeks and that little red nose is super cute on him. Cold weather sucks but we all have our different ways of getting our kiddos to dress warm. Making Jack realize it’s cold unfortunately we have to take him outside first then put his hat on, which I don’t like but hey it works. If any parents have any other suggestions or way they get their kids to keep on their jackets and hats, throw them at me. Thanks for reading guys!


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