Time to get Serious.

The time is now. I have to start getting serious guys. I want to try and test for my LPN but I have to study and I’m dreading it. I hate studying. I hate having to sit there for hours and reread the same thing over because I don’t get it. I already have my book and I started reading it but its words and words, pages upon pages. I went on quizlet to start making note cards for myself but I’m not sure that’s the best way. I have suggestions out the wazoo guys. Of course all are, “Hey, you should look at this book.” That costs more money and that’s even more material to read. They have certain books for these tests and I feel like everyone suggests everything but that book. What’s the point of these ‘best’ books if others are suggested? So, if any of you fine people have study tips that worked for you I’m still trying to find my way to study. Suggestions are welcome. 🙂


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