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Showers and the Spa

Can I just throw out there that lately I’ve been putting a drop or two of eucalyptus and lavender in the bottom of my shower. I LOVE IT! You know, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to the spa, that they have a steam room or sauna room. Well, back in California I have amazing people in my life who gave me a card to get a free spa treatment. While this new mom to an eight month old at the time gladly took a spa treatment, I went into one of these lovely rooms and they had eucalyptus oil mixed with the steam the sprayed out occasionally. It was by far the most relaxing place. Mix that room with a cold glass of cucumber water and it’s one awesome day. So as I said I’ve been putting eucalyptus and lavender in the bottom of my shower and with a little less steam it is still sooooooo relaxing. Did I put enough O’s? haha I just love that I can be in my own shower  and get the same relaxing feeling as a sauna/ steam room.


Young Living and I

So as I said I would make a separate page for all my essential oils for you guys. I finally did but I cant post there it will still be on my home page as well. So it’s just more in depth I guess. On this lovely page I will post my personal link for anyone wanting to peruse through things, I just have to get that website set up.  I have grown to love what all they have done for my family and I. Knowing everything is completely produced by them and how picky they are with the product they put out, puts this mommas mind at ease. So hop on over to the young living tab to know just a little more about young living and I 🙂

Mom Probs 

So the title is mom probs but in all reality this is parent probs. The other night my son decided it was fun to throw himself backwards. My husband and I let him do so because well he was on our bed not much was going to hurt him I wasn’t to worried. Little did I know I should’ve been watching myself…. he threw himself back and decided let’s hit moms chin on the way down. While doing so buckle one of my teeth and chipping the corner of another one…. yes that is right. He buckled one tooth and chipped the corner off of another one…My mouth kinda sorta hurts today guys. 😩 but of course I still love the little guy but trust me my face is about five feet away from whatever he’s now doing haha