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My baby is growing! 

So my son has learned to spin. He’s just great at it. He also doesn’t have the best balance so runs into doors, chairs, and tables haha. It’s adorable to see him running around and spinning until he runs into something and about gives me a heart attack. He’s also learning more words which I love and hate. He’s getting so big. He came up to me the other day and looked me straight in the eyes and said what doing. I had to double take guys! He’s saying ball and book and a few other words. He’s just learning so much and I feel like at any moment he’s just gonna start saying full sentences. He’s such a little adventurer too, he’s always on the go. He loves “reading” and by that I mean telling us story’s we can’t understand as he flips through books. He’s breaking my heart getting so big but I love watching him grow. 


Growing Up

I love watching my little man grow up, but I hate it at the same time. He’s already half the size of me and he weighs 30 pounds already. He’s the happiest baby unless something is wrong. He is trying to walk and it’s so fun, but it kills me. He’s growing up so fast. He’s taken a few steps by himself and he’s super fast. Although when we try to get him to do it himself he just sits. He’ll definitely be walking before his first birthday, which can I say is only a month and a half away 😩 my baby is getting so big so fast! 


My baby boy

My baby boy, oh my baby boy. I don’t even know how to describe how much I love being a Mom. I thank the Lord everyday for allowing me to be one. My baby boy is so amazing. He’s the best baby, which most moms say about their babies, but he really is. There is always a reason he’s fussy. He’s never fussy just because. Jackson, my baby boy, came into this world February 4th, 2016 at 9:02 in the morning. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love him. The first time I saw his little face, I wanted to cry, he was so perfect. The best feeling in the world is bringing a little life into this world. One who needs you and loves you unconditionally just because you’re mom (and dad, cant forget the dads). Jackson now 8 whopping months, despite the fact that he’s sick, is the happiest baby ever. So curious too. He’s always on the move, crawling, trying to stand by himself, talking to us explaining everything. I love it so much. Working twelve hour days, coming home to Jackson always makes me feel better. You could be having the worst day, come home, see that smile and instantly feel better. I love when the days I am home when he wakes up and has rosy red cheeks and reaches for me and just hangs out. I love his blue green eyes and the way he looks at me. As soon as I step into a room he gets excited and starts crawling toward me. He steals my heart everyday…just don’t tell my husband, he might get jealous. You’re never really ready for a baby though. A lot of my friends asked how we knew we were ready. In all reality you can prepare your self as much or as little as you want  but you will never be ready. Everyone wants to give you their advice or my baby did this or that when really every baby is different. There are no two alike babies, maybe similarities but not the same. A child is a learn as you go process and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re someone who feels the need to be in control all the time, your schedule now revolves around that child and what he or she wants and that’s okay because at some point that baby will have somewhat of a schedule. Jackson was planned and we’re still learning. There’s nothing else I would rather do than get off work, come home to my husband and baby boy. And there’s nothing more  I would rather do on my off days than spend them with my family. 🙂img_3951