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That Feeling

If you have kids you get “that feeling.” You know the one where you think man I should check on them because they’re a little too quiet in the back room or man I should really move that because that’s an accident waiting to happen. If you aren’t a parent a little advice ALWAYS listen to that feeling. So last weekend we were getting ready to go to my nephews first communion right? Well, a few months back my father-in-law took apart a shelf and set it to the side. The last like week or so I was thinking I should move it because a few of the doors had glass. Well, of course, ten minutes before we needed to be out the door my son was playing with his dump truck and while pushing it he hit the door with his foot and it tipped over and shattered. Keep in mind we had to drive a good half hour to get where we needed to go. So I scooped him up stuck him in the living room put up the baby gate, swept up with the help of my mother-in-law, threw on some stress away and went on my way. Needless to say, if you get that feeling don’t ignore it. Always listen to that feeling because of course, Murphy’s law, it’s gonna happen when you’re getting ready to walk out the door.


My blessed life.

I went from working full time 40+ hours a week to staying home and my husband working full time. Now I see him when he’s home, he’s tired, I’m tired and the kids are on the go or want nothing but all the attention. But despite the tiredness, the sleepless nights, and the less time with my husband; I’m so amazingly blessed. I have a wonderful loving husband and two amazingly beautiful children. Even when I wake up in the morning barely able to keep my eyes open while I make a cup of coffee and breakfast for the two year old, he’ll ask “mommy hold you?”. Of course. Always. Then of course we eat the next thing he wants is to get cozy on the couch, which for him is grabbing a blanket going to the couch, throwing on a cartoon and cuddling with mommy. My heart melts every time. I’m lucky enough that the 4 month old sleeps long enough for me to get that time with him.

I watch him grow and learn everyday of which, I hadn’t gotten the chance to do. So now being here for both her and him is the most amazing thing. I’m so grateful my husband was in agreement when I said I wanted to do this. I mean what could be more rewarding than being able to watch your kids grow up and you don’t have to miss it. With that being said we’ve really thought about what we have our kids around too and what we have in our home. My son mostly when he starts having melt downs he’ll go grab his ‘green one’ which is just a stress away oil roll on and he loves smelling it and calms down. I never thought he’d ask for oils but he does. Since we live with my husbands parents, they have a dog and boy does he love her, sometimes a little to much.

My daughter, she’s such a happy baby. She always kicks and plays with her little gym on the floor, she loves looking at herself in the mirror. Rilynn laughs and smiles way more than Jackson ever did, he was so serious all the time. I can’t wait to see what her personality is and see the things she’ll ask for. But, because of my husband and my business I now get chance to see them grow up and I’m so very blessed to do so.

Growing Up

I love watching my little man grow up, but I hate it at the same time. He’s already half the size of me and he weighs 30 pounds already. He’s the happiest baby unless something is wrong. He is trying to walk and it’s so fun, but it kills me. He’s growing up so fast. He’s taken a few steps by himself and he’s super fast. Although when we try to get him to do it himself he just sits. He’ll definitely be walking before his first birthday, which can I say is only a month and a half away 😩 my baby is getting so big so fast! 



So we’re getting back into the swing of things. I am back at work and it’s almost like we never left. Then, you have the fact that Jack is still on west coast time and the weather is in the 20’s. I don’t remember it being this cold last year. Either way, it’s super hard to keep a hat on a ten month old who hates them and knows how to pull them off. Trying to keep him warm after coming from 70 degree weather I think will be the most challenging thing for my husband and I this winter. Jack hates clothes to start with so trying to bundle him up at all is going to be interesting. Although it is getting a little easier once he realizes it’s cold outside he doesn’t protest as much with the jackets and  hats. He does look super cute with his little red nose though. I hate that he is cold but seeing those rosy red cheeks and that little red nose is super cute on him. Cold weather sucks but we all have our different ways of getting our kiddos to dress warm. Making Jack realize it’s cold unfortunately we have to take him outside first then put his hat on, which I don’t like but hey it works. If any parents have any other suggestions or way they get their kids to keep on their jackets and hats, throw them at me. Thanks for reading guys!

My baby boy

My baby boy, oh my baby boy. I don’t even know how to describe how much I love being a Mom. I thank the Lord everyday for allowing me to be one. My baby boy is so amazing. He’s the best baby, which most moms say about their babies, but he really is. There is always a reason he’s fussy. He’s never fussy just because. Jackson, my baby boy, came into this world February 4th, 2016 at 9:02 in the morning. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love him. The first time I saw his little face, I wanted to cry, he was so perfect. The best feeling in the world is bringing a little life into this world. One who needs you and loves you unconditionally just because you’re mom (and dad, cant forget the dads). Jackson now 8 whopping months, despite the fact that he’s sick, is the happiest baby ever. So curious too. He’s always on the move, crawling, trying to stand by himself, talking to us explaining everything. I love it so much. Working twelve hour days, coming home to Jackson always makes me feel better. You could be having the worst day, come home, see that smile and instantly feel better. I love when the days I am home when he wakes up and has rosy red cheeks and reaches for me and just hangs out. I love his blue green eyes and the way he looks at me. As soon as I step into a room he gets excited and starts crawling toward me. He steals my heart everyday…just don’t tell my husband, he might get jealous. You’re never really ready for a baby though. A lot of my friends asked how we knew we were ready. In all reality you can prepare your self as much or as little as you want  but you will never be ready. Everyone wants to give you their advice or my baby did this or that when really every baby is different. There are no two alike babies, maybe similarities but not the same. A child is a learn as you go process and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re someone who feels the need to be in control all the time, your schedule now revolves around that child and what he or she wants and that’s okay because at some point that baby will have somewhat of a schedule. Jackson was planned and we’re still learning. There’s nothing else I would rather do than get off work, come home to my husband and baby boy. And there’s nothing more  I would rather do on my off days than spend them with my family. 🙂img_3951