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Hey guys! So sorry I’ve been kinda M.I.A. lately. I’ve been super busy working crazy hours, I started my Spanish class and it’s super fast paced, and well I have a one year old that keeps me on my toes. Just to kind of up date you guys. My little one is a dare devil and has no fear what so ever. I got promoted. I’m week 6 into my 8 week class. Work has been crazy. Full moon means everyone wants to have their babies haha. Oooo guys I got into some shows called the good wife and riverdale and I love them!! When I have any free time that’s what I do with my life haha. I’ve also been going to the gym five days a week which makes timing everything even harder but it’s been getting done anyway 🙌🏼. But for now I’ve got to go and get some more life things done! I promise I’ll get better at posting during my crazy busy life haha! Thank you guys for taking the time to read the things I post!!😊