Young Living EO’s

A little about how my Young Living story started. One of my old coworkers was posting and talking about these oils allllll the time. She loves them. Always talked about how they are a safe alternative to so money toxic products we already have in our home. So I looked into them and talked with the hubs and he said go for it. I originally started because I was like hey maybe it could bring in a little extra money here and there. Who doesn’t like having extra money, am I right? Well little did I know it was work…so I didn’t really focus on the income side for a while. I used the oils and other products they have and guys I fell in looooove with all the products!

Young living is one of the top essential oil companies and they have sooo much more than oils! I mean they came out with a baby and make up line too! Who wouldn’t love safe and non-toxic baby products and make up?! They have what they call a Seed to Seal promise. Click here to learn This promise is a big reason I went with this company, because you know exactly what you’re getting no lies or hiding things. It’s all out in the open for you to see. Especially when you’re a mom who is already tired and running around after the little ones, there’s nothing better than not having to worry about what your using on you child. There’s so many ways we can look out for our families and one important way to do that is to know exactly what you’re getting when you buy a product. So if you’d like to join me on this amazing wellness journey I would love to have you! 💜